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Upcoming Fifth Motif Ordering Period: FAQ

Q: How do I put my order on layaway?

  1. Select your doll with all of your desired options and add it to cart.
  2. Go to Check Out.
  3. If you are using PayPal, select “Cancel and Return to Merchant” when you’ve been redirected to the payment page on PayPal. This will return you back on our page. Find your Order Number under “My Account” –> “Orders”. Send us a message with your Order Number and the layaway length you need.


Q: What are the conditions for requesting extended layaway beyond the standard 3 months for this event?

There will be a $50 surcharge for extending layaway length beyond 3 months, up to 6 months, or 5% of your order total if that amount exceeds $50. For layaway extension requests beyond 6 months, we will have to evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. Fifth Motif does not have the capacity to store dolls for extended periods of time, so BJDivas would have to take care of storage, which means that we’d need the dolls shipped to us, and then ship them out when payment is complete. What this also means is that the shipping cost will increase for the customer.


Q: Is it possible to buy a head by itself?

A: Yes! Please check the listing for the head for additional info: Fifth Motif Venitu or Goohwa Head


Q: Is it possible to buy the body by itself, or the hands?

A: Not at this point. There would need to be at least 20 orders for each part before they can be sold separately. If there is enough interest in body-only orders, we will work with Fifth Motif to set that up as a separate listing. For customers who wish to purchase just a set of hands, we recommend finding a split partner among those ordering a full set. Full set orders can choose to add extra pairs of hands and feet, so unless someone wants two pairs of the same hands and feet, it’s the best way to get those parts at this point. UPDATE: The listing for buying hands only will be posted one week after the Venitu/Goohwa re-release. Fifth Motif plans to release NEW hands at this time, which will allow customers to buy the new hands and/or the old hands separately. However, as is the case with the head-only purchases, hands will have to be shipped to BJDivas for redistribution.


Q: Is the 75 limited sets Venitu and Goohwa, or 75 each? Is that number USA or worldwide?

A: The 75 limit applies to the TOTAL number of sets, so 75 Venitu+Goohwa in any combination. The worldwide limit is actually 150, Mr. Cho has divided it in half and allocated the other half to the Chinese customer base. If our side sells out super fast, we will check with Mr. Cho to allocate more from the Chinese side, assuming that they haven’t sold out as well by then.


Q: Is the head quantity-limited like the full sets are?

A: At this point, the heads are time-limited. They will be available for sale for so long as the full sets are still available. If this changes, we will post an update. Mr. Cho did not anticipate much interest in head-only orders.

23 thoughts on “Upcoming Fifth Motif Ordering Period: FAQ

  1. Just to be able to plan n advance, do you know approximately how much the shipping would cost to send an head to Canada?

    1. I only have a rough estimate at this point. 🙁 I’d say somewhere around $15, but we won’t know for sure until the orders are completed. Mr. Cho has to ship all head orders to us and then we’re responsible for re-distributing them.

  2. How much additional should we expect to be charged for the specialty colors, like Copper Oriental or Pale Tan?

    1. Copper Oriental is +80 for the full set, Pale Tan is +120.

  3. Hello, need to ask… when I will send mail to Mr. Choo directly ( and order by mail I dont need to put order here and I will comunicate directly with him? Sorry for asking but Im from central europe and I have trouble to converting time and freaking out about it right now 🙁

    1. That’s correct, if you order through Mr. Cho, you don’t need to order through us. 🙂 However, Mr. Cho is starting taking orders later than we do, so if you want to get in as early as possible, it would be better to go through us. 🙂 I can help you with time conversions. The start time I listed is 7:00 PM (19:00) UTC. Does that give you a better idea of the time?

      1. Thank you very much for reply. I will order thru your site. Because your timing is better for my sleeping time shedule XD is possible to use bank transfer? I have prepared money on my bank account 🙂

        1. You can use bank transfer if you’d like, but usually the fee for international transfers is higher than PayPal’s fee. We’d like to minimize fees for our customers, but if you want to do bank transfer, I’ll e-mail you the details of the bank that we use.

          1. Sorry to still bothering you and thanks for your time! … but last time when I paid off my iplehouse (also Korea) international fees were minimum. So when I will pay to Mr. Choo directly will it be same? I do not want to avoid your service but maybe it will be easier this way. I just wait too long for this oportunity to get this doll and do not want to miss my last chance :-/

          2. If that’s the case, please do pay Mr. Cho directly. 🙂 He will start taking orders on Friday the 24th.

  4. Where in the US are you? I want to work out what your 1pm will be in Melbourne Australia?

    1. Worked it out so it will be 6am here so please disregard my previous message

  5. I messaged you but has not been responded. I need layaway. After I pressed “Cancel and Return to Merchant” and the order shows cancelled. Would I still be able it if the doll being sold out very soon? And I was wondering is Venitu fit on the 18M MYSTIC BODY ?

    1. Hi, sorry if we missed your message, thanks for contacting again. Yes, as long as your order goes in and you message us, we follow the sequence that both are completed to determine who gets the limited number.
      Venitu won’t fit on the Dollshe 18M Mystic Body unless you mod him. The head attachment mechanism is different and the head won’t sit properly on the Mystic Body’s neck without modification.

  6. Hello,

    For layaway how much down do we need to pay?

    Thank you

    1. Your down payment is just your first layaway payment amount. ^_^

      1. So however much I can afford at the moment?

        1. If you’re opting for the 3 month layaway, it would be 1/3 of your order total. If you need special arrangements, i.e. extended layaway or reduced first payment, please get in touch with us directly so we can work out the specifics. ^_^

  7. So basically however much I can afford at the moment?

  8. Sorry for double post, was getting an error

    1. No worries, please see answer above. ^_^

  9. Do you have an estimate for when these dolls will be ready to ship?

    1. 3-6 months is what we’re shooting for.

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