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Ringdoll 2017 Christmas Event

Looking to add a Ringdoll BJD to your doll family? You can order through us and be eligible for Ringdoll’s 2017 Christmas Event!


  1. Order over $200, get gift: $20 accessories
  2. Order over $300, get gift: $30 accessories
  3. Order over $550, get gift: Blank Ming
  4. Order over $850, get gift: Ming Fullset

Time period: 19th/DEC/2017-19th/JAN/2018


  1. Ming is specially-designed for the event and can be purchased separately.
  2. Shipping cost is not included in the order total.
  3. Layaway is available.
  4. The Christmas Event can be combined with other Ringdoll events (i.e. new doll releases).

Please tell us the items you want as your gift after you place your order. If you are eligible to receive Ming, please let us know which style or which skin color you’d like.

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