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26F CLASSIC Body Size & Measurements

Head circumference 7.5 in-8 inNeck girth 95mm
Chest (S) 280 mm
Chest (M) 290 mm
Chest (L) 300mm
Waist 200 mm
Hips 290mm
Upper leg girth 150 mm (thickest part)
Lower leg girth 110mm (thickest part)
Upper arm girth 80mm (thickest part)
Lower arm girth 72mm (thickest part)
Wrist girth 45 mm
Ankle girth 70 mm

Height 630 mm
Shoulder width 115 mm
Arm length 175 mm
Leg length 330 mm
Back length 130 mm
Hand length 65 mm
Foot length 82 mm
Foot width 28mm
Pubic bone to tip of foot length 390 mm

Eye 14 mm

Weight 1,400 g

[ Package ]

– Body: DS26F Classic body
– Aluminum connectors for precision-crafted CNC elastic, spare elastic (customized for resin color of ordered doll ordered)
– Authentication card
– Default box, protective sponge


* Dolls are made on order, so orders cannot be canceled once payment has been made.
* There are parting lines, which form during casting, on the doll.
* Darker resin dolls can become discolored if you use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the surface. Refrain from any aesthe (sanding) work on a darker resin doll.
* The default package comes without makeup.
* Colors may look different depending on your monitor settings.
* Dolls yellow from natural light, so please avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dolls may also turn yellow or green under intense artificial lighting as well, so please be careful. Coating your doll with a UV protector and keeping it fully dressed (including wig) can help preventing it from turning yellow or green.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 94 x 31 x 21 cm