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[FIFTH MOTIF] x [BJDIVAS] Final Limited Release of Venitu and Goohwa

This final release is very specific, and as such, we really need all potential customers to please carefully read ALL the information in the product listings.
Dollshe Craft is the casting company. All of Dollshe’s (PURE) resins are available. (HONEY) resins are not available. Color Options:
We at BJDivas are representing Fifth Motif to collect orders on a non-profit basis. Formerly, Fifth Motif was going to only accept orders through Facebook, with payments only through Bank Transfer and Western Union. Due to BJDivas’ love and appreciation for Fifth Motif’s work as well as for our fellow BJD hobbyists, we contacted Fifth Motif prior to the re-release date in an effort to provide PayPal and layaway options to customers.
As such, because we are working for free, to prevent taking a loss ourselves while we provide this service, we’re deviating from our usual policies. Please check the listings for details regarding payment, shipping, and layaway.
The ordering period officially begins on Thursday, November 23, 2017, at 1:00 PM CST.
Venitu and Goohwa full sets are not time limited but are quantity limited to 75 total sets.
Ordering Links:
Customers everywhere can also order directly from Fifth Motif through Facebook or E-mail ( If ordering this way, please note that Fifth Motif only accepts payments in Bank Transfer or Western Union.

Fifth Motif would like to strongly issue the statement that the master sculptor does not want to sell any more Venitu and Goohwa dolls after this ordering period. It is Mr. Cho’s wish that this is the absolute final ordering period. Mr. Cho wants to focus on making new dolls as well as complete other new works.
Fifth Motif would also like to communicate that despite the rising costs of production, they are endeavoring to keep the price of their dolls the same as before. In the future, casting costs will increase further, but Fifth Motif will try to keep the prices the same with their new releases.
Fifth Motif hopes that after this ordering period, that customers will understand about not asking for further Venitu and Goohwa ordering periods. Fifth Motif is a very small single artist business who does everything from sculpting to refining, and the large volume of requests have been very detrimental to his progress on other projects. Mr. Cho would like nothing more than to move on beyond Venitu and Goohwa to bring all of us even more beautiful dolls.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us! 

8 thoughts on “[FIFTH MOTIF] x [BJDIVAS] Final Limited Release of Venitu and Goohwa

  1. I’m really excited about this! Thank you very much for helping us buy him!
    I’d like to know it Mr Cho’s future dolls will have the timeless body or if he won’t sell it again and create whole new dolls.
    I don’t have any Venitu yet and I don’t have the money so I’ll have to sell some of my dolls and buy Venitu in a layaway order (but I can’t be sure someone will buy my dolls). So I was thinking about buying with a friend who only wants the body and would sell me the head. This way I would at least have the head. But Venitu has a unique wonderful body and a different head that is hard to hybrid. Thats why I’d like to know if he will discontinue the body or not. Thank you very very much

    1. The Timeless Body will be discontinued as well. Mr. Cho’s next project is a female doll, after which he will make a new male doll with a new body.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m super excited to have the opportunity to purchase both.

  3. Hello, Is it possible to buy the body alone? I have an extra head and would like the body alone 😀

    1. Currently, we and Fifth Motif are not set up to sell the body alone. There would need to be a minimum of body-only orders for this option to be viable.

  4. I want also buy the body only 🙂
    I am sure, many other people want the body only for all the Goohwa and Venitu heads.
    That would be fantastic!

  5. Hi~ will 6 months layaway be possible for fullset ? I just send you a request ~

    1. Yes, please give us some time to get through all of the layaway requests. ^_^

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